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Phentermine can easily help you lose weight.

Phentermine is a prescription drug used for the short term treatment of obesity, and it is the most popular weight loss medication sold in the USA.  It’s it a new miracle pill?  Absolutely not.  It has been around since 1959 when it was approved.  Phentermine was launched in the early 70s under the name Fastin.  So how does it work?  Phentermine is an appetite suppressant approved by the FDA.  It essentially tells your brain that you are not hungry all the time which is a major hurdle for most people. This makes you eat less calories and with less to burn in the future.  Phentermine is considered a short term drug for obesity and not intended for daily use over extended long periods of time.  While we primarily prescribe Phentermine in Memphis, TN and surrounding areas, we would love to talk to you and help you on this new and easily achievable weight loss journey.  Give us a call today or fill out this contact form to talk to one of our specialists.

Success Stories

Raelene’s Story of 29lbs lost

Hello, my name is Raelene and I want to tell you briefly about my experience using Phentermine in Memphis, TN.  I had never used it before, and I was really struggling losing weight on my own.  After my annual physical with my doctor, I was told that I gained an additional 10 pounds from the year prior.  I knew I had gained weight and even tried losing it myself, but it wasn’t working.  At my doctor’s recommendation, I joined a gym and changed my eating habits.  A month later, I found out that I was continuing to gain weight.  It was overwhelming and I was going to give up.  He then recommend that I try Phentermine.  After using it, for a few weeks, I noticed my energy level increase and my weight start to decrease significantly.  I am so glad I found it.

Darryl’s Story of 110lbs lost

Hi my name is Darryl and I have been using Phentermine for almost a year which resulted in my losing 110 pounds.  It isn’t a miracle pill by no means, but it is an integral part of my success.  You still need to exercise and eat right, but my biggest drawback was I had no will power to do any of it.  This allowed me to focus and attain my weight loss goals as opposed to always thinking about being hungry.  It did cause dry mouth for me and changed how I tasted carbonated beverages, but I view this as a plus since drinking more water and less soda is better for you in the long haul.  It worked for me, and I know that it can work for you too.  After spending 7 days in the hospital with 7 blood clots and an obese body, I knew that it was time for me to focus and make a change before it was too late.

Anna’s Story of 40lbs lost

Hey my name is Anna, and I started taking Phentermine a little over a month ago when I weighed 234 pounds.  I knew I needed to do something when even the little every day tasks would severely exhaust me.  I am now 194lb and on track to reach my target goal of 150 in a few more months.  I know that this will be possible because with some hard work on my part and Phentermine, I was able to lose 40 pounds in just over a month.  My diet, exercising, confidence and attitude has all changed.  My kid’s loved it too and now I can finally keep up with them.

Shelby’s Story of 87lbs lost

I was afraid of getting on the bathroom scales, and when I did, I noticed that the number was well over 200.  I knew I had to do something!  Phentermine was easy to use and adjust too, and I believe it would be for others as well.  The thing I noticed when using it was my “new” appetite.  I would still order the same amount of food, but only want to eat about a quarter of it.  I’ve discovered how to love myself and enjoy how my health is much better.  It is great running into people that new me larger and seeing their reactions.  Their shock keeps me motivated.

Ginger’s Story of 118lbs lost

Q: What was the deciding factor that made you want to change your lifestyle? A: I was afraid of the negative health factors that come with being overweight.  I have six kids and was afraid I wouldn’t be around long enough to be their mother. Q: What was the most difficult adjustment to your new lifestyle? A: Finding healthy alternatives and calorie counting. Q: What was the most rewarding part of your new lifestyle? A: Being able to finally keep up with my children. Q: Do you have any words of advice for someone starting with Phentermine in Memphis, TN? A: It’s absolutely possible to get to your goal weight.  Phentermine has literally given me my life back.  It’s been a long journey, and I would do it all over again!  They have been the best weight loss clinic in Memphis, TN for me.

Christine’s Story of 50lbs lost

My name is Crissy, and I want to share my weight loss story using Phentermine.  Since I started using Phentermine, I have lost 50 pounds which is amazing for me, because beforehand I could barely even lose 10 pounds on my own.  It’s now time for me to buy a new wardrobe since my cloths are now way to big.  I am a full time college student and work a full time job and am planning for my wedding later this year.  Even though you may have a full work load don’t use it as an excuse.  You can do it with Phentermine!  If I can do it, I promise you, you can too.  The one side effect I had was dry mouth which worked in my favor a little since you need to drive a lot of water when on this plan.