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As far as weight loss is concerned, water encourages proper kidney function and increases the efficiency of the liver's fat burning capabilities. Drinking water also reduces retention. As I said before, when you don't drink enough your body tends to hold on to more fluids. Drinking enough will release what it doesn't need and you'll have less bloating.


In addition to FDA approved medication we offer safe and effective diet suppliments that will highten your dieting success and good health.

Both office visit and 30 day supply of Phentermine $59.00.
Two types of Phentermine, Popamax, B-12 and Lips Shots Available.

Stephen L. Hammerman
Stephen L. Hammerman, MD

Phentermine, that will enable you to change your eating habits by increasing your energy level and decreasing your appetite for unhealthy snacking.

In addition to prescription medication, we offer safe and effective diet supplements that will heighten your dieting success and good health. Both office visit and Phentermine $59.00

Products and services offered - We prescribe the diet pill Phentermine37.5 mg we also have diet supplements to go along with the diet like adaily nutritional vitamin, along with other supplements.See below; Service and Product Costs
B12/ Lipo shots now available
FDA approved prescription diet medication. Class IV controlled substance.Effects are an increase in serotonin levels, which promotes a calm feeling. Also, stimulates nor epinephrine in the brain, which increases energy and decreases appetite. Office visit and one month supply $59.00
B 12 Injection
Vitamin B 12 shots promote energy and supply the body with a necessary nutrient.
Price: $10.00
Daily Nutritionals
Multiple vitamin with herbal enhancement. (Iron is omitted due to iron increases appetite and causes constipation.) Supplements are 100% natural.They provide additional energy, shinier hair, and stronger finger nails.
Price: $15.00
Coral Calcium
Prevents bone degeneration that can lead to osteoporosis. Supplement is made from 100% pure coral calcium from Okinawa, Japan. Each capsule also includes cholecaciferol 200 IU, which suppresses appetite and increases metabolic rate.
Price: $15.00
Omega– 3 Fatty Acid (Fish Oil)
Promotes heart health by lowering LDL and triglyceride cholesterol. Italso prevents memory loss, depression, and visual problems by insulating nerve tissue. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed Omega-3 Fatty Acids can reduce a man's risk for sudden death by 80%. An American Medical Association study showed Omega-3 reduces women'srisk of heart disease by 33%.
Price: $20.00
Fat Blockers
Herbal and vitamin enhanced supplement that increases energy and blocks 40-70% of carbohydrate derived fats being absorbed in the colon.
Price: $15.00
Starch Blockers
Blocks absorption of carbohydrates in the intestinal tract; thus helps prevent carbohydrates from being metabolized and being stored.
Glucosamine and Pomegranate
Helps preserve cartilage integrity, and skin elasticity. These products taken together reduce skin wrinkling and sagging by 34%.
Price: $20.00
Helps control appetite by making a person feel full. This is the only 100% pure hoodia gordonii supplement on the market.
Price: $30.00
Trim Slim
Combination of three ingredients: Trimspa, cortislim, and hoodia. This supplement suppresses appetite, increases energy, and makes a person feel full. Great value for combined effect.
Price: $ 30.00
Protein shakes
Powdered protein in a variety of flavors that are bottled and ready to mix with water.
Price: $1.60 each

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